Sunday, March 17, 2013

Very Neutral Eye Make Up

Today I created this super fast make up using the palette Sleek "Au Naturel"... for a natural look! XD
When I haven't time and I want a nice result without any unpleasant surprises the best choice is a Sleek palette!!!
For this look I spent few minutes (five or less!):

For this look I used three eyeshadows, mascara and a brown pencil.
I applied under the eyebrows the brighter colour, all over the eyelid the creamy colour (very matte, it makes the sight less tired!) and then I created a messy and quite casual XD shade in the socket line, just to render some intensity to the sight!!


EYESHADOWS:see above;

MASCARA:the Falsies by Maybelline; 

EYE PENCIL: the Expression Kajal by Maybelline number 38 brown (read here for more info);

EYESHADOW BASE:Elizabeth Arden eye primer (more info here);

See you next time!
kisses =)

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