Friday, December 30, 2016

Body Cream - Deliplus, Crema Aceite de Oliva

Hi dear,
today I will talk about this super cheap body cream I bought time ago in the Spanish supermarket Mercadona. Two jars as the one I'm showing here below costed me something like 3€ ! So it is super convenient! Non all the ingredients are super good, but for the price and for its formulation is perfect as a body cream and also for the face. For the face I use to add some Lavender essential oil drops (read my review here) and this creme is complete! And it hydrates and nourishes my skin a lot.

What does it contain?
Butyrospermum Parkii Butter (emollient, moisturizer, read here for more info
Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil (antioxidant, emollient)

Cost: 3€
My rate: 8/10

Have you ever tried Deliplus products?
I have tried  many other products and in my opinion they have quite a good quality for the price.
Do you like them?
Let me know!

That's all for today,
thanks for all the nice comments!
See you soon!

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  1. A mi los productos de Deliplus me han decepcionado siempre mucho. Esta crema la probé, y al principio parecía que hidrataba bien pero al dejar de usarla noté muchísimo más seca la piel y eso fue porque lleva mucha parafina, desde entonces intento no comprar nada que lleve la parafina entre sus compuestos principales. Un besazo y felices fiestas.

    1. Hola Asunción! Solitamente añado óleos esenciales a esta crema y al final no me parece malo el resultado. La parafina hay que evitarla, tu tienes razón. Es que los precios de deliplus son bajos y no es fácil dejar los productos allí!! Abrazos, guapa!

  2. I don't know the cream but it sure sounds great :)

    1. For the price and quantity I think it's ok! Then to enrich the cream I used to add essential oils ;)

  3. So precise and detailed thanks!

  4. Never heard of the brand Marghe. Sounds good for the price. I like scented body lotions, smelling of fruits and sweets and candy! Ginger is my favourite :-D

    1. Hi dear Ananka! It is a brand that you can find in the supermarket Mercadona in Spain. This cream has not a strong scent by the way.

  5. Sounds a good one! Nice review! <3