Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Essential Oils - Lavender - Lavandula Officinals Oil

Hi dear,
since I am very interested in testing various kind of cosmetics,
I would like to start a new series on the blog,
where I show you which products I am currently using on myself.
It is not only a question of brand, the point I would like to focus on is the quality. 
So let's start this voyage with this Lavender essential oil I bought because I had terrible acarus punctures on my body!
My skin is very delicate and has reacted very badly to these punctures. 

How did I used this oil?
As an impact, I applied a pure drop on each puncture as this oil acts as a strong natural disinfectant . 
I have read on the internet that is not a good idea to use pure essential oils on skin, but lavender one is considered an exception, in the sense that it is very delicate.
By the way is always safer to test the oil on a little part of your skin.

Does it work?
The answer is yes! After two applications each puncture starts to deflate and the pricking to disappear.
Before trying this lavender I also tried some pharmacy products, without success. So this oil has resolved my problem!

The brand is Sapone di un tempo, an Italian brand!
I discovered this oil just for chance exiting a Carrefour in a shopping center; it costed me, as you can clearly see, 18.90 €, all over considered a good price for the quantity, 15 ml!

Final remarks: lavender oils works well also with pimples! I had to test it in this sense this week! 
I am very satisfied by this oil, the quality is very good and the scent is very pleasant and relaxing.

Some informations in Italian!

Some informations in Spanish!

Additional informations from http://www.saponediuntempo.com/portfolio-item/bio-real-lavender-original-french/

Officinale Lavender or Bio Real Lavender is the most valuable variety for its fragrance. Essential oil is extracted by distillation of the flowering tops and has a fresh, floral, sweet and aromatic perfume.

This valuable essential oil has a strong anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect that makes it very useful for the treatment of small inflammatory problems in load of skin and mucous membranes: it’s possible to promote the healing of cuts, wounds, insect bites, small burns, acne lesions.
In fact, Officinale Lavender essential oil has, compared to other varieties, more remarkable calming and soothing properties. The best quality lavender must be harvested by hand and it gives an essential oil of most valuable and most finely perfumed quality. Thanks its delicacy lavender is one of the essences that can be used for children.

Bio Real Lavender essential oil, like all Sapone di un tempo essential oils line, can be mixed with other oils, for a more specific result or particular problems.

100% ingredients of natural origin

Have you ever tried lavender essential oil?
If so, in which occasion did you used it?

That's all for today,
thanks for all the nice comments!
See you soon!


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  1. Sounds good. I get terrible insect bites during the summer. These little insects are called "midges" - they are evil little flies! Someone once told me to use lavender oil on these bites. It does work. But to prevent the bites, I now use citronella oil with Avon Skin So Soft - this combination has been a god send for me! I don't know if it is my blood type or I have tasty blood, but the insects love to bite me! Nice feature to your blog Marghe. :-D

    1. Thanks a lot dear Ananka, I'm so glad you like this kind of theme! I've never heard of midges before but I can imagine how annoying could be the bites they used to do...citronella and also tea tree oil are very good repellents for insects and acaruses. After my bad experience I use to put tea tree oil everywhere in the house, in the wardrobes! ;)

  2. That sounds like a fantastic product! :)

    1. Hi dear! Yes, it works very well, especially in the case of insects bites and skin problems in general!

  3. Grazie da Sapone di un tempo! ����

  4. I am glad that it works so good. I can not remember to see such product In Carrefour here in our country, but maybe I was not attentive enough.

    1. Hi dear Andrea, I have found it in the hall of the shopping center in a momentary banket, that's why maybe you can't find it in your Carrefour. Thanks for yr visit! Hugs

  5. That's a wonderful review! I too would like to try it soon! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  6. Merghe, there is nothing better than essential oils, added in body cream. I like your review of both products. Often in the supermarkets there are excellent beauty products. Moreover, at the moment I use a day cream, bought in a supermarket which cost 10 euros. Soon, I will publish the review (so much I liked). Kisses and Happy Year 2017