Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bon Ton Eye Make Up

Even today is a very boring,cloudy,cold and rainy day! So I created a warm tone & bon ton make up! Easy to create and suitable for every occasion!
I love the colours like "terra di Siena" blended quite casually in the socket-line for the deepness they give to the sight!
Here the result:

Here a demonstration of how portentous is the falsies volum'express mascara by Maybelline !!!

...lastly the palettes I used for this look!

1) Palette 88 colours by Zoeva: I took a terra di Siena eyeshadow and I blended it in the socket-line,
then I used a bronze-gold colour in the inferior eyelid, near the water line..

2) Au naturel palette by Sleek: all over the eyelid I used a beige colour, which couples very well with the terra di Siena above! 
Lastly I blended, as usual, a matte white under the eyebrows =)


EYESHADOWS:see above;

EYESHADOW BASE:Elizabeth Arden eye primer (more info here);

MASCARA:the falsies volum'express by Maybelline;

EYE PENCIL: the horrible Essence Long Lasting eye pencil 08 touch of glam. The texture of this eye pencil is simply terrible. It's not creamy, it's not homogeneous ... it's only cheap, but I think that I've misspent my money!!!

Let me know your critic opinion about this look!

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  1. I think Your make up's are a little bit... sad? You should use more colors and shapes ;) just have fun x
    Thanks for following me!


    1. I think you have seen my blog in a very fast way, and in my opinion my make ups are not sad at all! :P
      bye bye

  2. Replies
    1. thank you very much Mads =)