Sunday, March 10, 2013

Evening or Day? Eye Make Up

today I realized a bright & dark look, which is suitable for an evening look but not too dark for a day look! The secret is the  so luminous gold eyeliner, which creates, in my opinion, a so nice light point!
Here the result!

The other "secret" of this look is the contrast between the acid green-yellow by kiko and the electric blue from the palette above! I find the matching quite interesting!


EYESHADOWS:As I say above I used the wonderful acid green-yellow by Kiko number 104 and the colours from  the Light Impulse eyeshadow palette which belongs to kiko's Elegant Shades  Collection (here another make up where I used this palette). 

EYESHADOW BASE:Elizabeth Arden eye primer (more info here);

EYELINER:the wonderful(and resistant!!!)Kiko Super Colour Eyeliner number 101 (here another look with this gold eyeliner);

MASCARA:the falsies volum'express by Maybelline;

EYE PENCIL:Multiplay 09 by Pupa (here another make up where I used this pencil);

Let me know your critic opion about this look!

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  1. I really love your eye shadow ideas. I am so dying to try them ;)


    1. thank you very much Shannel!
      It would be nice if you could share some make up looks on your blog =)