Friday, March 1, 2013

Gold Eye Make Up

today I realized this eye make up:


I used two eyeshadows:

The first one is a terracotta brown, extremely matte and very pigmented; this eyeshadow is from the Vintage Memories by Madina.
The second one, as you can see, is by Artdeco number 241, a sand colour, very particular even if it seem insignificant!

MASCARA: the Falsies by Maybelline;
EYEPENCIL:Glamorous Eye Pencil number 400 by Kiko (read here for more info)
EYELINER: the glitter eyeliner by Kiko ( I love it!!!)
EYESHADOW BASE:the Advanced Eye Fix Primer by Elizabeth Arden.

Stay tuned!!!
kisses =)

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  1. Pretty! Btw hun tagged you in my confessions of a blogger tag; check it out


  2. Très joli maquillage ;) j'aime beaucoup !!