Friday, March 29, 2013

Rosy-Blue Sunset Eye Make Up

Today I realized this look:

I used the following eyeshadows:

1)a super matte and pigmented yellow, by Madina, collection Vintage Memories  ...

2) a matte violet by Pupa Pupa color pop 03 (here another make up where I used this eyeshadow )

3) I took a very deep and matte blue from  the Sephora medium shopping bag!

Lastly I blended a little under the eyebrows with a matte white from the Au Naturel by Sleek!


EYESHADOWS:see above;

MASCARA:the Falsies by Maybelline; 

EYE PENCIL: the Expression Kajal by Maybelline number 38 brown (read here for more info);

EYESHADOW BASE:Elizabeth Arden eye primer (more info here);

See you next time!
kisses =)

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  1. I am so trying this look. I thought this is nice to wear on a summer geteaway ;) Thanks for sharing! have a fantastic day my dear. hugs kisses!

  2. Very Pretty. The colours work very well together.