Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Shampoo - Pantene pro-v Champú Prevención Caída

Hi dear!
I'm back with another shampoo I finished time ago (more than 1 month ago). I bought this shampoo in Spain and I couldn't find the corresponding uk version of the same product, so in Spanish this is the Prevención Caída Pantene pro-v shampoo, in other words a shampoo which prevents hair-loss.

I will start saying that this shampoo is sooooooooo dense that it would be better to dilute it with water before its usage.

Well, it would be better to dilute every shampoo...but lastly I'm too lazy. So, I apply the shampoo concentrated, then I produce some foam on the scalp, I added some water in order to produce even more foam.

But as I said above, it would be better to always dilute shampoo with water. In this way you will use less product and the diluted shampoo is less aggressive.

Then, going back to this shampoo, it is not the best shampoo I tried, but effectively, during its usage my hair-loss touched its minimum. Lastly, with the season change I had an increase in hair loss...

This bottle contained 700 ml of product...in other words a never ending story, ahah!
I don't remember exactly the price, but I surely bought it with a super offer, I think about 5 euros, not more.
Frankly, I would not buy it again because I'm not a fan of Pantene in general. Maybe is the formulation.

My rating: 6.5/10

I will comment what Pantene promises with this shampoo:
Hasta un 97% menos de caída de Pelo – sistema prevención de la caída* [In my case I hadn't hair loss during the usage of this product..so I can say that, at least, it maintains this condition!]
Pelo más sano en cada lavado, clínicamente probado
*Caída de Pelo debido a rotura, sistema de champú y acondicionador frente a champú sin acondicionador.

PARA QUIÉN: ¡ideal para el Pelo dañado y frágil! 
CUÁNDO: limpieza diaria para reforzar el Pelo contra las agresiones. 

CÓMO: aplícalo con un masaje en el Pelo mojado; repite si lo deseas.  [This shampoo is very dense, I suggest to dilute it with water] Usa el Acondicionador Prevención Caída para reforzar el Pelo y protegerlo de los daños.

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  1. Pantene shampoos are always nice but as you said, they are always very thick.

    1. Yes it is. I prefer a more fluid consistency

  2. Ciao! Non credo esista neanche qui, almeno io non l'ho mai visto; se ti interessa però anche Fructis ha una linea contro la caduta dei capelli, io mi sto trovando bene con la lozione :) Baci!

    1. Ciao Sara! È molto interessante la lozione, ci darò certamente uno sguardo..intanto sto finendo uno shampoo di crescina e relativo integratore, a presto review!
      Un abbraccio

  3. Great post! Photos are amazing :)
    Hope you'll leave a comment here if you want that we follow each other --> http://beautyshapes3.blogspot.com/2018/07/elegant-romper-outfit-part-3.html

  4. La verdad es que no lo he probado, hace años que no uno nada de la marca. Saludos ^^

  5. I think it's amazing that it actually works. Great review, dear :)

  6. Mi piace molto il tuo blog !!! Sono una nuova iscritta :-) se ti va ti aspetto da me!!

  7. I used this brand in the past, it is worth the money. I will also look for this particular line, seems very useful.

  8. Hola! Yo las veces que usé productos de Pantene quedé contenta, aunque este en concreto no lo probé. Bss

  9. No lo he probado porque no soy muy fan de Pantene ^^
    Un beso!

  10. I used to love the Pantene shampoo and used them on regular basis. But recently they changed how it smell, like bubble gum which is big no for me. So I switched my shampoo to Dove :)

  11. I am not even sure what shampoo I have in my shower right now :D