Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lipsticks Eye Make Up

Today I decided to create this eye make up using two lipsticks: one is a dark rose colour and the second is a dark violet-red colour (absolutely my favourite even on lips!XD).
Then I give some light with a wonderful gold and I blended all the colours with a bronze!
Here the result:

EYESHADOWS:I used the little palette with 3 baked eyeshadows above, this is the Golden Brown 04 by Project Professional. This is a very nice palette; the best colour, in my opinion, is the darkest. In reality I bought this palette for the gold, but this colour present, unfortunately, a very annoying fall out from the eyelid all day long (and I wear glasses!!!). Anyway I must admit that lipstick created a formidable base, even for such an eyeshadow!
Lastly, the other eyeshadows don't present the problem of the gold one.
Ah!In the inferior eyelid I used a gorgeous lipstick, the Dark Red by Project Professional; I've no words to describe this colour. It's not too dark, but it give such a wonderful prune-aubergine colour on lips! Definately the best lipstick in my little collection! =)
EYEPENCIL:Multiplay 09 by Pupa (here another make up where I used this pencil);
EYESHADOW BASE: I used the Smart Lipstick number 10 by Kiko, which is a very nice matte dark rose colour, a little bit dry, but it lasts long... on eyes but also on lips!
MASCARA:the Falsies by Maybelline;

Stay tuned!

kisses =)

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  1. Replies

    1. thank you very much!
      Soon I'll invent few more looks with lipsticks!
      Kisses =)

  2. Interesting. I never thought it was lipsticks. I thought you used a cream eyeshadow :)