Saturday, February 16, 2013

Violet Eye Make Up

today I was inspired by flowers and I decided to create this eye make up:

I used the 88 colours palette by Zoeva, which is a well known palette on the internet! What I think about this palette? I think that the quality is not optimal, because some colours are too much dusty. But there also eyeshadows that have an incredible effect and aren't dusty at all. I also think that is a must have palette because it contains lots of colours! In fact, if I need a precise shade of blue, I've only to go to search into this palette!

Definately, what I used for this make up?

EYESHADOWS: as I said before from 88 Colours Palette by Zoeva;

EYESHADOW BASE: I use the Elizabeth Arden advanced eye fix primer (great base!);

MASCARA: Maybelline, Volum'Express the falsies, simply a great mascara!

EYE PENCIL: an incredible blue eye pencil by Pupa, named automatic liner number 03 (extra shiny long lasting eyeliner pencil). This is a very nice eye pencil!

A good make up to everyone!!! =)

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  1. Replies
    1. quell'eyeliner l'ho comprato in saldo a 3e90€... ne è proprio valsa la pena!!! Fa risaltare moltissimo l'azzurro e il verde =)
      grazie per essere passata =)