Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bad Day Eye Make Up !

this morning I was quite in a hurry... so the eye make up of today has been affected! Anyway,here the result:

The project in my mind was different; next time I'll present you ;)

What I use for this eye make up?

EYESHADOWS: from the palette above. It's the 4EYES by Pupa, number 05. Those colours are very bright and intense and for this reason I've found not easy to mix them together... Anyway I liked them.

EYE PENCIL: I used the Multiplay 09 by Pupa, which is a very intense black pencil whith glitter inside (which are COMPLETELY invisible on the eyelid then!). The mine is soft but I found difficult to blend it.

MASCARA: The Falsies by Maybelline (great mascara, see older posts);

EYESHADOW BASE: by Elizabeth Arden (great base, see older posts); 

See you next time!
kisses =)

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