Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gold Rose Eye Make Up

today I realized this make up. I've intentionally blended a lot all the colours, because I wanted a soft look, ideal to go to work or just to  be simple! =)

I've used the wonderful Warm palette by Zoeva:

In this make up I simply blended the 2 gold with the nice dark rose on the right. I use the violet in the inferior eyelid and the ocher near the tear duct.

Under the eyebrow I used matte white ( which I used a lot as you can see!).


EYESHADOWS: from the warm palette by Zoeva (nice colour selection; some colours are dusty);

EYESHADOW BASE: the Elizabeth Arden one ( read here the complete description)

EYE PENCIL: a black one by Maybelline.

MASCARA: the Falsies by Maybelline.

See you next time!
kisses =)

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  1. bellissimo! io ho la palette di zoeva da 88 colori, ma son troppo accesi alcuni e non li ho mai usati! questa invece è davvero bella >___<''

    1. anch'io ho la 88 colori, non mi ci trovo male, a parte qualche colore un pò polveroso.. pero' questa warm ha dei colori davvero particolari.. merita!
      Un abbraccio =)

  2. Hi Thanks for dropping by my blog today! and very nice post too. I've had so many eyeshadows before ;) but I am planning to get one.
    have a fantastice day!


    1. thank you very much =)
      Why don't you have any eyeshadows now?
      kisses =)