Monday, February 18, 2013

Diabolic Red Eye Make Up

I've choosen such a name for the make up of today because I've used an eyeshadow named Diabolic Red! =)
Here the results :

I've to admit that this eye make up is quite similar to this one : sunset eye make up . The difference is only the reddish eyeshadow, which is moreover very similar to a red in the Sunset palette by Sleek! The other difference is the darker shade I've created this time using the black into the Sleek palette, just to   render the look more dramatic! =) 

Here the Eyeshadow Diabolic Red by Madina number B196:

This colour is very nice, it's easy to blend and quite pigmented. 
I use other eyeshadows:

Under the eyebrow I use a bright and shimmer colour from Vintage Memories by Madina, which is a passepartout:

Other products I've used:
EYE PENCIL: 1) As eyeliner I've used the Essence Long Lasting eye pencil number 08 touch of glam. This a quite good eye pencil for the price;
2) In the internal rhyme I've used the Expression Kajal by Maybelline number 38 brown. This is a wonderful cold brown, the mine is soft and the resistance of the pencil quite good;

MASCARA: The Falsies by Maybelline ( which I'm using very often in this period).

See you next time!
kisses =)

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