Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Eau de Toilette - Pink Fresh Couture by Moschino

Hi dear! 
Last week I've been in a perfumery since I finished my beloved foundation by Clarins. As homages I received some perfumes testers...and between them this Eau de Toilette by Moschino...
First of all I'm not convinced at all by the packaging, what's your opinion?
But, let's talk about the perfume. 
It is STRONG!!! In the sense that you apply it in the morning and you'll be persecuted till the end of the day...!
Ok, perfumes are something personal, but this perfume in particular is something terrible, it is chemical, Vetril! Ahaha!!! Take a look to the site! :D

I take a look in fragrantica, here a brief description:
The fragrance is a mix of citrus, floral and woody notes. Fresh pink grapefruit in the top is mixed with black currant and lily of the valley. The floral heart of the composition includes rose, pomegranate and pink hyacinth, while the base notes capture musk, ambrosian and cedar.

Technically it is very interesting as composition, but as I said above the result is exaggerated.
Have you ever tried this perfume?
In the case, let me know your experience! :D
I have to finish the tester below...and I have another one in the bag..
Maybe with the second tester my opinion could change! (Stay tuned for the final rating)
Here some photos: 

That's all for today,
thanks for all the nice comments!
See you soon!


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  1. Sounds nice, but I think this might give me a headache :-| I have to be careful with perfumes! :-D

    1. I think it would happen!!! It is lethal this perfume! :D

  2. I haven't tried it either :) But I'd definitely test it if I got the chance :)

    1. You have to, and then to let me know your opinion!!! I have to know! :D

  3. Sounds very dramatic and I am not a big fan of strong perfumes. Your review is always honest.

    1. Thanks dear, I'm so glad you appreciate it! =)

  4. No la he probado, pero si lleva rosa no creo que me guste a no ser que no se note mucho el aroma a rosas. Un besazo

    1. Un abrazo Asuncion! Gracias por pasarte =)