Friday, March 24, 2017

Eau de Parfum - Valentino Donna

Hi dear!
I am back with another perfume review, this time is a full size, well a 100 ml bottle. Usually when I fall in love with a parfume I have to own the biggest bottle in the shop...!:D
I bought this wonderful Valentino Donna perfume the last black friday, but this one in particular hasn't a big sale...

Let's talk about my opinion, well this is very elegant, for the daytime but also for an evening out.
I would prefer it in winter but it works well also in spring (now!). I wouldn't use it in summer, since it is quite a powdery perfume.
It is quite strong especially when applied, then it declines little by little (veeery little), but you can perceive it till the end of the day.
My personal rating is a 8/10!

Here the description in fragrantica:
After the Valentino Uomo fragrance from 2014, Valentino presents its feminine version Valentino Donna, that comes out in the fall of 2015. The fragrance is announced as a smooth chypre - floral. It contains accords of Italian bergamot, Bulgarian rose, iris absolute, patchouli, leather and vanilla.

Here some photos, 
how pretty is the bottle!
The best way to start the day =)

Some lower quality photos with my phone:

Have you ever tried this perfume?
If not you have to!
That's all for today,
thanks for all the nice comments!
See you soon!


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  1. I haven't tried it, but it sounds nice and I love the name of it :)

    1. Yes it is a nice perfume! It is a simple and linear name, it works. If you have the occasion go to try it in a perfumery =)
      Smuack =)

  2. Well 8/10 is not a bad number. It shows how delicious it smells. <3

    1. Yes it is dear! If you have the occasion give it a try! =)

  3. Looks nice. I might like this one. I do love anything with patchouli :-D <3 I have Tom Ford Patchouli Absolu and I love it so much. It is the perfect scent for me :-D

    1. Hi dear Ananka! So very soon I've to go to the perfumery and check this perfume by Tom Ford! I'm super curious now! I love patchouli too!
      A big hug! =)

  4. Love the sumptuous bottle... Great choice, Marghe :)