Sunday, June 3, 2018

Burgundy Eye MakeUp in Collaboration with Karaja MakeUp

Hi dear!
I'm back again with a new make up look in collaboration with Karaja make up! I'm in love with the burgundy shade of the Cat Eyes pencil n° 5, I think it is the perfect shade for green eyes! Moreover it is very resistant and it can be easily layered (also with powders!) in order to intensify gradually the make up look!
Here some photos and the products used below:

For this make up look the main actor is the Cat Eyes Jumbo Eyepencil n° 5! It is such a rich shade. I underline the fact that it can be well layered also with powders, so the make up can be intensified little by little according to each taste.
This eye pencil is waterproof and one time blended with fingers (or not) it fixes and remains perfect for all the day long.
My rating for Cat Eyes Jumbo Eyepencil: 10/10
This is the typical product I would recommend for a special event, when you need something that works for real!

The eyeshadow palette I used is the Wonder Box n° 5

The mascara is the BB Volume Mascara from the African Beauty Collection, since its first usage the brush distributed the right quantity of product on the lashes. Lashes are hydrated, black and voluminous. It is very comfortable. There is no fall out of dry product at the end of the day.

Finally, as eyeliner I used the very intense Kajal Nefertiti 1, also from the collection African Beauty:

That's all for today,
See you soon!


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  1. Lovely make-up!!

  2. The color combination match gorgeously and I am excited to try it ;)

  3. Sweetie, that looks really lovely. Beautiful!! ♥

  4. wow..beautiful makeup dear. Love all the pictures. Very very well done. I think you should start teaching eye makeup. You are a master! <3

  5. Un look precioso, las sombras combinan genial ^^
    Un beso!

  6. Precioso!! Me encantan esos tonos. Un beso