Monday, June 5, 2017

Soap Bars - Jabón ClassicAloe con Aloe Vera de Canarias, NutrAloe

Hi dear!!!
I'm back with another soap bar composed by glycerin and aloe vera.
It is a very good product, unfortunately I have not been able to find any information about the brand on the internet!
Basically my opinion is the same of the previous aloe vera soap bar I reviewed here. So, I'm super satisfied and even this time my rating is 10/10. These soap bars are ideal for everyday routine and they are very delicate.
Here some photos:

Have you ever tried these products?
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  1. Aloe Vera is very beneficial for the skin and I like to use it. I never heard about this brand either, but the soap-bar looks good.

    1. Hi sweetie, it is a local brand that can been find in Canarias/Spain, but in other countries is difficult. By the way, the other soap I reviewed by Lanzaloe has an online shop.

  2. Me encantan los productos de Aloe Vera. De hecho ahora tengo en casa varias plantas de Aloe Vera y muchas noches corto una hoja y me la aplico. Un saludo guapa

    1. Hola preciosa! No he tenido nunca una planta de aloe vera, pero seria una muy buena idea, tienes razon!
      Un abrazo

  3. This soap bar looks so lovely!
    Have a good evening

    1. Thanks sweetie! It is a great soap bar!

  4. Glycerin and aloe vera...perfect combination. Great choice. :-)