Saturday, June 3, 2017

Hair Mask - Ice Hair Mask Total Repair with PhytoCold, Mascarilla Capilar Glacial by Valquer

Hi dear!
With the Glamour (España) of the past month there was this gift: the Ice Hair Mask Total Repair with PhytoCold by Valquer.
It is simple to use, you have to apply it along all the length of your hair, to wait circa 5 minutes, and then wash it away.
Of course, before the treatment you'll have to wash hair with shampoo!

My opinion: I tried this product 4 times but I am not impressed by its action. Yes, after the treatment I can feel the 'cold' effect, due to the super innovative Menthyl Lactate present as 4th ingredient, but my hair does not seem really nourished, more soft or clearly more easier to be combed.
I surely obtained more visible results using the L'Oréal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Read here my review or a standard hair conditioner like this one by Garnier Read here.
The tester received in the magazine contains 100 ml of product. The full size bottle is 300 ml and costs circa 10 €; surely I would not buy it.
All considered my rating is 6/10. It does not damage hair but it is not a wow-product.
Here some photos and more informations:

It contains Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil as the 8th ingredient if I'm right.

Have you ever tried this product?
If so, what's your opinion?
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thanks for all the nice comments!
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  1. Interesting beauty product. We keep in touch. xx

  2. This brand looks very interesting to me)

  3. It is a shame this product didn't work out in the end. It looks so nice!
    Have a good evening
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    1. Yes, the bottle is so sophisticated...but the content doesn't work...
      Thanks for yr visit, I'm following you back too!! <3

  4. It looks really cool and the cold effect afterwards sounds pretty fun. But if it doesn't help the hair, well... :D <3

    1. Yes my dear! Maybe it could help in case of a very hot summer, but it is not nourishing of course...

  5. Sorry to hear you expected more. 6/10 is something between mediocre and good when I give points.

    1. Hi sweetie! I was expecting really something more...this is the reality ahah!!!
      Smuaackk :*