Monday, April 22, 2013

Fish-Eye Eye Make Up

Today I've choosen such a foolish name for the make up of the day (of yesterday in reality!!!) because these colours reminds me tropical sea with super colourful fishes inside.. or something like that! Ok, let's go on and here the result of the make up at the end of a busy day:

I used the Sephora medium shopping bag palette. In this period I like soft coloured eye make ups. I like to juxtapose bright-spring colours and in the inferior eyelid I generally use a dark-marsh green wich gives definition to the sight. Ah, moreover I'm using under the eyebrows not the usual white, shimmery or matte, but veeery bright turquoise or pinks... For example, in this make up I've used a very bright-feble pink.

EYESHADOWS: read above =)

EYE PENCILMultiplay 09 by Pupa (read here for more info);

EYESHADOW BASE:Kiko eye primer (as you can see above the make up has remained intact all the day long!!!);

MASCARA:Maybelline 3X volum'express, I've to correct my opinion in this post: (here),well, I've to admit that this mascara is not so bad as I said, the product is good, the problem is the brush which is too little and the bristles too much short. 

Thanks for visiting me, have a wonderful day! =)

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