Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Yellow & Green Eye Make Up + Tag questions (the make up products I prefer)

Hi!!! =)
Today I created this look, using a marvellous matte yellow near the tear duct... then I blended a dark sparkling green and lastly a sparkling blue!
In the inferior eyelid, near the water-line I applied a dark grey and between the grey and yellow a little of matte-dark-rose.
Here the result:

Here a particular of the make up:

Even today I used 
the Light Impulse eyeshadow palette which belongs to kiko's Elegant Shades  Collection (here another make up where I used this palette)!!!


EYESHADOWS:see above; 

EYESHADOW BASE:Elizabeth Arden eye primer (more info here);

MASCARA:the falsies volum'express by Maybelline;

EYE PENCIL: no eye pencil;

Let me know your critic opinion about this look!

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Hey, wait a minute,
yesterday Elisa has tagged me and here my "make up routine" :

1) My favourite foundation is:
Clarins Teint Multi Régénérant: I love this product because is very creamy, moisturizing but not too much covering! It enhances my complexion and is suitable for all kinds of light, natural or artificial.

2) My favourite concealer

I don't use any concealer.

3)My favourite powder

Recently I finished the Silk Effect Loose Powder by Collistar and don't rebuy it. In this period my skin is dry and I apply my cream and then a little of foundation but not powder.

4) My favourite eye base

In this period I'm in love with the Elizabeth Arden one. I like the texture, the pigmentation, the creaminess and especially the duration! Great product!

5) My favourite eyeshadow

It's difficult... but in this moment I say

Yes, this wonderful matte yellow by Madina that I used even in the eye make up of today!

6) My favourite creamy eyeshadow

I don't like creamy eyeshadows!

7) My favourite eyeshadow palette

For the special occasions I've no doubt! I used the palette Monarch by Smashbox.

8) My favourite mascara

The well known:

The Falsies by Maybelline

9) My favourite blush/bronzer

I don't use blush but a lot of bronzer!
Here my lovely bronzer:

This is by Project Professionals, in colour Chocolate.
It's a marvellous color, really blendable and it's ideal for contouring!

10) My favourite lipstick

in the left: Dark Red by Project Professional, a wonderful colour, sooo deep =)

The wonderful bloggers I tag are:

a big kiss
Marghe =)


  1. L'ombretto giallo e' interessantissimo!!!

    <a href=">follow me to pausacioccolata fashion&cosmetics blog</a>

    1. è un colore magnifico e illumina il viso tantissimo =)
      un abbracio

  2. Molto bello... hai usato due colori che adoro!

  3. Ciao bella grazie per essere passata da me!
    Mi piacciono il verde ed il giallo assieme!
    Un abbraccio!

  4. ciao Isabella! Sono felice che ti piacciano i colori che uso =)
    un abbraccio e a presto ;)

  5. thanks for the tag dear Marghe. so sweet of you. i love tags and I'm gonna do it right away ;) and by the way, i love the makeup and I can see your gorgeous eyes. Have a fantastic weekend! hugs and kisses


  6. Thank you for the tag. Love the look :)

  7. i love this one..beautiful eye makeup sweethrt <3
    check out recent post :