Thursday, April 11, 2013

Green Light Eye Make Up

Today I created this super colourful eye make up! I used only single eyshadows and a super shimmery long lasting stick eyeshadow by kiko number 07 as a base... (this is a creamy beige colour, very luminous)... the result:

Here the eyeshadows I used:

1) the diabolic red by Madina(look here for another look)...

2) a matte dark brown by Madina (here another look where I used this eyeshadow)

3) a matte violet by Pupa Pupa color pop 03 (here another make up where I used this eyeshadow )

4) the MARVELLOUS green number 109 by Kiko.


EYESHADOWS:see above; 

EYESHADOW BASE:Elizabeth Arden eye primer (more info here);

MASCARA:the falsies volum'express by Maybelline;

EYELINER: the horrible Essence Long Lasting eye pencil 08 touch of glam. The texture of this eye pencil is simply terrible. It's not creamy, it's not homogeneous ... it's only cheap, but I think that I've misspent my money!!!

EYE PENCIL: Multiplay 09 by Pupa (read here for more info);

Let me know your critic opinion about this look!

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  1. The violet and the red are gorgeous. Great look.

    1. thank you very much dear =)
      Have a nice day =)