Friday, March 2, 2018

Shampoo - Sunsilk Co-creations Damaged Hair Reconstruction Shampoo

Hi dear,
recently I finished the Sunsilk co-creations Damaged Hair Reconstruction shampoo. 
Let's comment the info I found in

Repair signs of damage from the 1st wash 
[My opinion] yes, it works fine. After washing my hair with this shampoo I hadn't problems combing it and when it was completely dry appeared lucent and uniform. This shampoo is indicated for long thin hair.

Co-created with Thomas Taw, Dry & Damage Expert from London.

[Finally remarks]: this shampoo is very dense, so you will need just a little quantity for creating a rich foam. This bottle of 250 ml will last long. I paid 2,99 € for two bottles.
The perfume is ok, not too strong nor extremely chemical.
My rating: 8/10
I will buy it again.
Here some photos and more info:

Sunsilk Co-creations Shampoo ricostruzione intensiva 

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