Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Palmolive Gourmet, Vanilla Pleasure Body Butter Shower Cream Review

Hi dear!
Today I will review this shower cream by Palmolive.
It has effectively the consistency of a dense cream and using a wet sponge it creates a wonderful foam. The skin after the shower is really hydrated and soft!
Unfortunately the perfume is incredibly chemical, even if it contains natural vanilla extract, at the end of the ingredient list.. but well before there is 'parfum'.
Price: less than 2 euros for 500 ml
My rating: 6/10, because the product works but the perfume is not good.
Here some photos and more information:

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  1. Vanilla scented with a lovely foam sounds really nice! ^_^ <3

  2. I usually avoid cosmetics with vanilla sent because they make me think of dessert :) I know this product because I bought it to my mom once. Have a great day!

    1. Really? And your mother appreciated it?
      Let me know

  3. Me encanta el aroma de vainilla, tendré que probarlo!! Un beso

  4. Hola! He usado varios geles de esta marca y siempre me han gustado. Este también tiene buena pinta, no me importaría probarlo. Bss

    1. El gel está muy bien pero el perfume no me gusta nada..