Monday, March 12, 2018

Lipstick - Clinique Pop Lip Colour + Primer, Rouge Intense + Base, 10 Punch Pop

Hi dear,
today I will review a lipstick I bought last summer..yes, a lot of time ago. The photos have been taken at that time, don't worry!
In the meanwhile I had various occasions to try it.
It is a very vivid colour. It has no perfume, like all Clinique make up products.
It is comfortable on lips and quite hydrating.
It lasts with no problem 3 hours. But then it dries and it is necessary to remove it or try to apply new product.
It has to be applied carefully little by little because an excess of product can produce the unaestethic effect of smudged lipstick in the fine lines near lips. I read, in fact, many bad opinions on the internet because of the smudging. It is important to apply the product little by little on dry lips in order to avoid the effect discussed above.
I paid this lipstick about 20 €.
My rating: 7/10
I would not buy again lipsticks of this line.
There are better formula lipsticks like
Here some photos and the swatches:

Above the lipstick applied twice, below once. 

On the right the lipstick is applied once, on the left twice.

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  1. Beautiful shade!!

  2. Me encanta el color el labial. Un saludo

  3. That is a beautiful colour! I like lipstick but I don't wear it very often :)

    1. Hi sweetheart! Lastly in the morning I'm so lazy that I only apply lipstick and some blush so....lipsticks are basic for my routine! Smuack

  4. I love clinique lipsticks esp the matte ones :)

    1. Hi Sony! If I've the occasion I'll give them a try! Smuack

  5. Non ho mai avuto di provare i rossetti di questo marchio ma avendo provato altri prodotti sono sicura che anche questo rossetto è un ottimo prodotto. Adoro la pigmentazione.
    Buona serata!

    1. Si è molto intenso, comunque in media mi ritengo più soddisfatta dei rossetti di Collistar.
      Un abbraccio!

  6. Very pretty, I think Clinique makes lovely lipsticks and glosses.

  7. The sahde is so beautiful. Sounds an ok product.