Monday, January 15, 2018

Soap Bar - Sapone Neutro allo Zolfo, Mantovani

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As you know I like to use soap bars for my hygiene, in particular I prefer the ones which contain sulphur. They are particularly indicated for impure skins with pimples etc.
I bought this soap bar in an Italian shop called Acqua & Sapone. It costed me something like 2 euros. The quality is very similar to Tabiano's one and also the perfume! So, this soap bar is a good substitute of the Tabiano one (read here the review). It cleans deeply skin, it is not too much aggressive. After its usage for the face is necessary to apply a good moisturizer.
My rating:9/10

Sulphur exerts an effective sebum-regulating action on oily skin and acne. New formula 100 % soap of vegetable origin, enriched with Vitamin H .

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  1. I usually avoid sulfur extracts because it dries very much my skin, but as you mentioned it is perfect for impurities!