Saturday, November 4, 2017

Face Mask - Qiriness Wrap Eclat, Radiance Booster Microfiber Mask

Hi dear!!!
Time ago I've been in a Marionnaud perfumery and I saw this brand for skin care called Qiriness. Even though the price was a little bit high for one tissue mask I decided to give it a try.
So, I bought the Radiance Booster Mask because at that time my skin was a little bit tired.
The tissue mask is super imbued of serum, I should say, too much imbued. A lot of serum is wasted, in my opinion.
I applied the mask for circa 30 minutes..but most of the liquid is almost all in the mask...
After the treatment the face is sticky. I hate this effect!
But I don't like to rinse my face after a mask.
The day after I didn't noticed any improvement on my skin.
My rating: 5/10
Price: 8 € (!)

Illuminate your complexion with the Wrap Eclat ! (from
This microfiber mask diffuses revitalising and radiance boosting actives at the heart of the skin, thanks to a perfect adhesion to the face. All skin types, especially asphyxiated skin and smokers, benefit from improved radiance, for an immediately illuminating result !

Arbutin for its anti-brown spot and skin radiance action
Pearl, rich in nutriments, for its illuminating result
Papaya for its exfoliating action and to help improve skin texture
A complex of 10 vitamins to revitalise the skin
The association of Cayenne Pepper, Walnut, Blueberry, Aloe & Mushroom to tone the skin
Hyaluronic Acid and Salicorne to help rehydrate the skin

Have you ever tried these masks?
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  1. Nice review :) Never used them. Too bad they didn't make any difference :|

  2. Nunca he usado esta mascarilla, pero me ha parecido muy interesante tu review. Besos.

    1. Gracias preciosa! Ne encanta probar cosas nuevas! Un abrazo!

  3. Shame it wasn't so great. Hope you are having a nice weekend Marghe :-D

    1. A rainy weekend, but all it's ok! A big hug sweetie!♡

  4. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing xx

  5. 8€ for a mask where you can't feel the difference afterward is a bit too much in my opinion. But at least it was worth a try :D ♥

    1. Yeah! 8 euros is too much for a mask in general!!!

  6. Expensive mask especially when it doesn't work as you expect it, sorry!

  7. I've never heard about this product but I definitely would try it because it's ingredients which sounds interesting!