Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Face Mask - Cien Anti-Wrinkle Mask with Grape Seed Oil and Hyaluronic Acid

Hi dear!
Today I would like to talk you about this cream face mask by Cien, a brand for skin care sold in Lidl supermarkets. I'm not a huge fan of Lidls, but sometimes there I can find some interesting products or, time ago (1 month circa) I found this mask enriched with grape seed oil and hyaluronic acid!
I read on the internet some very bad reviews about this mask, saying that it irritates a lot skin..and of course I read those facts after my shopping! So, I was a little bit scared of using it, especially if I have to go to work the day after! I decided to try it during the week end, eheh!!!
By the way, I don't experienced any problem with this mask! It does not irritate my skin (and my skin is delicate) and it has also a very pleasant perfume!
So, a review, as I always said, is personal..a product that can sound good for me, maybe is bad for you...everything is relative!
I paid this mask just 90 cents, a convenient price, for the quality and the quantity.
My rating is 7.5/10.
Here some photos:

Some interesting ingredients:
Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil
Butyrospermum Parkii Butter
Persea Gratissia Oil (Avocado)
Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract 
Sodium Hyaluronate
Ubiquinone (Q10 coenzyme)

Have you ever tried these masks?
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  1. Pues tengo que buscar esta mascarilla en Lidl. Parece buena.


    1. Si, y costa bastante poco! Hay que probarla. Espero tu review!

  2. I read some good opinions about Lidl cosmetics, so far I tried only eye-cream and I`m very positive about it.

    1. Hm I've to try eye cream! Thanks for suggesting it!
      Kisses <3

  3. Esta no la conocía, me la apunto para buscarla. Un beso

    1. Gracias por pasarte Asuncion!
      Un abrazo

  4. I use Cien's face creams and I like them a lot :) Mmmwah!

  5. I have only tried Lidl shower prodcuts. But this is good you rate it highly! :-D