Friday, January 2, 2015

Sea Eye MakeUp

Hi dear!!!
First of all
have a wonderful and productive 2015!!!
I am back with a new look
using 4 new eyeshadows in my collection
I am not satisfied by results.
The colours are wonderful and deep in the pan but when applied they fade away, they are not easy to apply uniformly,
not easy to blend...I am not satisfied at all.
I am disappointed by the product.
I have tried these eyeshadows in other looks, I will surely show you very soon, but the performance seems not to change.
I have to test them better and I would like to know your experience with these products.
Here the result... and read below for the brand!

Infinity Eyeshadows by Kiko I have chosen, clockwise:

218 Avorio Macroperlato
275 Electric Blue
274 Mat Light Sea Blue
215 Sparkling Brown

I have used the first 3 eyeshadows in this look.

EYE PENCIL:no one;

MASCARA: Maybelline 3X volum'express;

EYESHADOW BASE: the Advanced Eye Fix Primer by Elizabeth Arden.

That's all for today! Have you ever tried these eyeshadows? 
If so, what's your experience?
Let me know!!!

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  1. Hola Marghe!! Feliz 2015, espero que sea un gran año para ti! A mí sí me ha gustado mucho el resultado de tu maquillaje, es sutil, elegante y me recuerdas a una ninfa. Buen día, bss:)

    1. Pilar!!! Feliz 2015!!! Espero tambien para ti un feliz y productivo año! Muchas gracias para tu comentario! Un beso grande! <3

  2. Happy new year :) I really like the colour combination, what a shame they don't blend well, we have had a Kiko store open up near us so I'll avoid their powder eye shadows x

    1. Hi dear Clare, the colours are really super nice and swatched simply using the fingers the result is super nice but applied at home with my usual brushes the result is very disappointing. So these are the first and last infinity eyeshadows I bought!
      Have a fruitful 2015 dear,

  3. this sea eye make-up looks great :)
    I love it!

    1. Thanks a lot dear Julia, I'm glad you like it even if these eyeshadows are not so high quality!

  4. Never tried their eyeshadows has the kiko shop here is too far from where i live. I like the end result even though the eyeshadows are not true to pan :)