Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Violet Smokey Eye MakeUp Look (V) using Too Faced eyeshadows

Hi dear!!!
This is an endless series... and today I've opted for violet on violet!  In fact I used in the inner water line a violet eye pencil, the Essence Long Lasting eye pencil 08 touch of glam. As you can see, this eye pencil is not so deep as one would.
Here some photos:

The palette 
Paris After Dark:

EYESHADOWS: see above ;

EYEPENCILthe Essence Long Lasting eye pencil 08 touch of glam;

MASCARA: The Astor Muse Style, Big & Beautiful, ultra black, lash sculpting mascara;  

EYESHADOW PRIMER: eyeshadow primer by Catrice..it is not so bad. For the price and the quantity I rate it 8/10! It costed me about 3 €.

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  1. Es un look muy bonito. Y la paletita es muy apañada.


  2. Marghe this looks amazing! I love this look. :-D

    I was showing my boyfriend some of your posts and he was impressed, he said I should try something like your eye makeup :-D

    1. Dear Ananka, thanks a lot for your comment! I would really like to see your eye make up!!
      A big hug!

  3. Wow, looks classy and mysterious, I like it a lot!

  4. Precioso¡. Estos tonos morados le van genial a los ojos verdes. Un beso

  5. Brilliant my dear...fantastic look. <3