Sunday, October 1, 2017

Die Zauberin Nails - Turquoise Glass Nail Art in Collaboration with

Hi dear!
I am back with a new manicure. 
All over the nails I applied 3-4 layers of the shimmery duochrome Lady Mermaid 30 by Essence (liquid foil effect nail polish).
Then I stamped on it with the Kiko 336 Electric Blue.
Finally all over I applied a generous layer of the topcoat Pupa Fissatore Brillante Smalto, Fix & Shine Top Coat.
In order to not have to clean the area near nails with acetone I used this liquid latex by BeautyBigBang!
It has a standard brush of nail polish bottles. The liquid latex dries very rapidly, so you don't have to wait a lot.
It has a strange smell but it disappears in a moment.
It is easy to be removed (and pleasant! Ahaha!)
My rating: 7/10 because it has a strange smell, but it works well

For stamping I used this super squishy silicon stamper by BeautyBigBang. This stamper is really very very good, in the sense that it permits to stamp well on long nails without damaging them. 
It is not trasparent, but in my opinion is not a problem!
My rating: 9/10

Here some photos:

If you are interested there is also a special discount:

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