Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Face Mask - Iroha nature Pro, Hyaluronic Acid PLUS, Intensive mask-moisturizing

Hi dear! 
Recently I tried this tissue face mask by Iroha, a Spanish brand based in Barcelona.
I have been tempted because the package contains not only the tissue for face but also a stripe for the neck! This the first time I've tried something similar.
But this stripe has revealed a complete flop, because it is not practical and practicality is everything for me.
The point is that you have to stay horizontal because if you walk or do something the stripe falls and this is extremely irritating!
So, all considered the idea is good but then not effective.
The tissue is well imbued and the ingredient list very good.
Nevertheless I didn't see great results after the treatment.
Skin is well hydrated but too much sticky for my taste.
The only tissue face mask that has effectively done something is the first one ever tried, the agae purifying mask by Sephora!
My rating: 6.5/10
Price: 3-4 €
I would not buy it again.
Here some photos and additional information:

Have you ever tried these masks?
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  1. What a shame that the neck tissue fell off, it sure sounded like a great idea! :*

  2. I am big fan of maska- this one looks really great

  3. its sad that you are not satisfied with mask.
    Thanks for stopping at my blog & comment. i am following you too.
    Keep in touch.

  4. Desse modelo que vai pra pescoço também nunca tinha visto...bem legal.

    >>blog Usei Hoje<<

    1. Yo también..ahora lo he probado y no me ha gustado nada..así que primera y última vez con esta mascarilla para el cuello! Un abrazo

  5. Suena bien lo que dices de este tratamiento.

  6. The packaging looks so lovely!
    I have so many face masks here to try (thanks to our Schaebens prize draw win) :)
    Have a good evening

    1. Wow Schaebens is one of the brand I prefer for face mask!!! Can't wait to read your opinions on the blog! Smuack!!!

  7. hmmm neck mask...heard of it for the first time

    1. Me too sweetie.. but after this experience I would not buy again a product like this.

  8. I haven't heard about any such mask but it's definitely doesn't sound a practical one. Nice review dear as always. :-)