Monday, August 28, 2017

Face Mask - 7th Heaven Charcoal Mask by Montagne Jeunesse

Hi dear!
I'm back with a new mask review! I'm talking of the 7th Heaven charcoal mask (Mascarilla de Carbon).
It is a very dense black mask which contains black lava, charcoal powder and walnut seed. It acts not only as an exfoliating mask, it also absorbs impurities.
I think that is not indicated for dry skins. For normal to very oily skins is surely a good treatment to be done weekly. After the treatment it is important to apply a good hydrating cream.
These masks cost as usual something between 1-2€.
My rating 7/10. This is because the smell is not so good and the mask is too dry. I prefer more liquid masks. All considered has worked well. I would not buy it again.
Here some photos:

Aqua (Purifies water), Bentonite (Natural Clay), Kaolin (Natural Clay), Juglans regia (Walnut) shell powder, Illite (Mediterranean clay), Glycerin (Plant origin), Sodium citrate (Plant origin), Charcoal powder, Pumice (Black lava), Phenoxyethanol, Cetyl alcohol (Plant origin), Glyceryl stearate (Plant origin), Parfum (Fragrance), Citric acid (Plant origin), Xantham gum (Natural thickener), Caprylyl glycol, Panax ginseng root extract, Amyl cinnamal, Ficus carica (Fig) fruit extract, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate

Have you ever tried these masks?
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  1. My skin is mixed and I don't know if this would work for me, but I would surely try it. I tried the nose stripes with charcoal powder from this brand and I liked it a lot! Have a fantastic week!

    1. Hi sweetie! I saw the nose stripes at the shop! Now I'm curious to try them! Smuack

  2. Yo esta no la he probado, la hago yo misma en casa. Un beso

  3. Interesting post dear! thanks for sharing xx

  4. The photos on the front side of the product are hilarious! :D

    1. Yes!! All these masks have an extreme packaging...usually I prefer more serious ones...but at the end the important thing is the quality inside!!! Smuack

  5. Hi dear, it sounds a good product. I haven't tried any black masks available in a market, but I have tried my homemade black masks and it works nicely. I have a mixed skin and it takes out all the extra oil, dead skin and tiny hair from my face. It definitely gives a smooth layer on face. But as you said it will make skin extra dry so need to hydrate it soon. I always use aloevera gel to sooth my skin after washing the mask. :-) Between I love the way you review the products. You always give every details and your honest review. Keep it up dear. A big hug. :-) :-)

    1. Hi sweetie! Aloe Vera works very well for skin! As you said these kinda masks use to dry a little skin, so it is important to hydrate it after the treatment. I'm so glad you like the reviews, I try to do my best and to be objective, even though it is always something very personal and products that work with me can not be good for others. A big hug!

  6. Postagem maravilhosa, obrigado pela visita.