Saturday, June 27, 2015

Champagne! Eye MakeUp + Swatches of Yves Rocher nail polish Baie Rose 21

Hi dear!!!
I'm back with a look I wore this week.
I used the palette Wonder Vision by Smashbox.
Generally when I need a make up that has to last from early in the morning to late in the evening this palette has also be a solution.
It is important to apply well the eyeshadow base in order to fix the shimmery champagne colour I have applied in the center of the eyelid. It contains also a lot of micro glitters, so it is important to press the eyeshadow.
The result is a luminous look, comfortable all the day long.

EYESHADOWSthe palette Wonder Vision by Smashbox;

EYEPENCIL I used the Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner by Rimmel, colour Brown;

MASCARAthe Pinaud Creme mascara, colour black;   

EYESHADOW PRIMER: the Advanced Eye Fix Primer by Elizabeth Arden.

These are my nails of the week.
From Monday to Thursday.
This is the Baie Rose number 21 by Yves Rocher from the Botanical Colour Nail Polish permanent collection.

I have applied this nail polish on 2 coats of the Snow White by Flormar because this Baie Rose is almost transparent alone!
In order to obtain this result I have applied other 2 coats of the Baie Rose.
I am not so satisfied by this nail polish, because in order to obtain the colour in the bottle is necessary a good pastel white base.
I would like to try next for a natural look this nail polish alone, to see how it looks.
Ah! it takes definately TOO MUCH to dry ... from 10 to 15 minutes..
Here some photos:

That's all!!!
Thanks for reading and for your support!
Hope you'll have a serene and relaxing week end!
Thanks for reading till the end.

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  1. I have a yellow Y. Rocher and it looks best with 3 coats. You look lovely in this eye make up!

    1. Hey have seen it on your blog...lastly I've back a lot of posts to see!!! I'm a negligent blogger!!!
      Thanks a lot for your comment dear Aneta! :)

  2. Oh again I love your eye makeup, it's so gorgeous!!

  3. Hi Marghe,
    This champagne eyemakeup is very beautiful!

  4. your make up is always spotless dear Marghe :)

    1. Hey thanks a lot my dear, you're too much generous! =)
      Have a serene evening,

  5. I like the color of the nail polish, nice peach shade! :)

    1. Thanks a lot dear Irina! It is super pretty but it is necessary to apply a lot of coats i order to obtain that results :P

  6. Pretty eye makeup and lovely polish :-D

  7. I really love that eye look, one of my favourites from you so far. Thats a pretty nail polish, very fresh and feminine, worth the long drying time :) x

    1. Thanks a lot dear Clare! I'm so glad you like to eye make up!
      The nail polish is very pretty but it is not possible to wait so long.... !!!