Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Body Shop First Eye MakeUp Look

Hi dear!!!
This is my first eye make using 3 The Body Shop Colour Crush eyeshadows!
Yes, I have to admit that it has been a super fruitful black friday!
Here what I created:

Here the three wonderful eyeshadows:

1) Colour Crush
Shade: Sand By Me
Nuance: Chou A la Crème

2) Colour Crush
Shade: Chocolate Linger
Nuance: Chocolat Fondant

3) Colour Crush
Shade: Brownie & Clyde
Nuance: Brun Béguin

Firstly, I have applied under the eyebrows and underneath Sand By Me, which is a matte white, not a frosty one, but a milky one. It is perfect as highlighter under the eyebrows.

 Then I blended along the socket-line Chocolate Linger,
a matte light-gray-brown colour, it gives the right depth to the sight.

Lastly, I applied all over the eyelid and underneath, Brownie and Clyde, which is the only shimmery shade between the 3.

EYESHADOWS: the three new The Body Shop Colour Crush eyeshadows;

EYEPENCIL: no one;

MASCARA: Maybelline 3X volum'express;  

EYESHADOW PRIMER: the Advanced Eye Fix Primer by Elizabeth Arden.

In summary, I am very satisfied by these 3 new shades in my make up collection, but of course I have to test them better, and try new combinations.
At first "sight" these eyeshadows remember me the Karaja ones. 
I don't know if there is any connections due to the fact that the Body Shop ones are Made in Italy.
Have you ever tried this brand? If so, which is your opinion?
Let me know!


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  1. These are all so gorgeous!Your make up is stunning! Kisses Marghe, have a good evening! xo

    1. Thanks a lot dear Amy! Have a relaxing evening too! Kisses!

  2. The eyeshadow is sooo pretty.. loved it on ur eyes Marghe.. i hv never tried a body shop e/s bt i knw there r some nice shades :)

    1. Hi dear Natasha, thanks a lot! Chocolate Linger is a particular shade, perfect for the crease! I have noticed that the matte eyeshadows by Body Shop are super high quality, when applied the fall ut is zero and they're long lasting.

  3. Another very pretty and wearable look :)

    1. Thanks a lot dear Pat, I'm glad you like it!