Monday, August 4, 2014

Karaja Color Emotion Palette n° 8 Eye MakeUp Look + Budgeting Beauty Tag

Hey dear!!!
As I said in a precedent post, I bought 2 Karaja palettes, the first one I have shown you is the n° 7, characterized by the creamy silver, a dark cold brown, an ivory white and a burgundy.

Now, the n° 8 is a palette which contains two shades of brown (a redder one and a darker one) an ivory-yellow white and a cappuccino (does exist a colour definition like this?!) which is perfect for my eyebrows! I think that this palette is perfect for eyebrows too because the eyeshadows are super matte but the consistency is buttery (so the colour is well fixed, no fall out at all!) 
Here the first look with this palette,
the 2 eyes are not identical,
but I enjoy myself a lot creating slightly different eye make up looks =)

EYESHADOWS: Karaja Color Emotion palette n° 8, Lip and Eyes Palette, 3 Dimensional colours for a luminous, vibrant effect;

EYEPENCIL:the brown eyepencil Eye Designer, colour brun foncé 402 by l'oréal;

MASCARAMaybelline 3X volum'express;  

EYESHADOW PRIMER: the Advanced Eye Fix Primer by Elizabeth Arden.


I have been tagged by the lovely Patricia, here you can check out her blog!!!

Q1: Do you have a weekly/ bi-weekly/ monthly etc budget?
Not really, but of course I don't like to spend too much money in cosmetics.

Q2: Do you save to buy or do you buy on impulse?
I like to save money and I do not buy on impulse but if I find some interesting occasions...can't control myself ehehe!!!

Q3: Knowing what you know now about cosmetics, if you had all the money you spent on your collection, would you buy it back (as is)?
I would not buy back the essence eye pencils, the worst eye pencils ever!!!

Q4: If you had an unlimited budget, what would you splurge on?
Uhm, I would like to try Sisley Make Up and other Karaja stuff.

Q5: You get a gift card to your favorite cosmetics store. What do you spend most of it on: Nailpolish, Eyeshadows/ Palettes, Eye products, Face Products, Lips Products, Skincare or Fragrance?

Well, it depends on the period, generally I invest money in skin care, eyeshadows and nail polishes eheh!

Q6 If high end brands wouldn't be as expensive, would they be as appealing to you?
No, there are brands that are super expensive but the quality is super low, so...

Q7 What is your most expensive product that's totally worthed?
My Yves Saint Laurent Eyeshadow Palettes!!!

Q8 What is your least expensive product that totally surprised you?
Uhm, generally I do not buy low budget make up, but time ago I buy some Madina make up in an outlet, I pay 1 € for a 3 grams high quality eyeshadow!!!

Q9 Do you build your collection with a plan or do yo just buy items and help for the best?
Hem...I have not a plan at all!!!

Q10 What are your tips and advice for not breaking the budget?
I think that the life is one and a gift to ourselves sometimes is a good thing, obviously it's important not exaggerate!!!

I tag all the wonderful people who are reading right now!!! 

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  1. Brown colours fit so well to your beautiful green eyes. Kisses, Zauberin:)

    1. Hey dear Pilar! Thanks a lot for your lovely comment, you're a sweetheart!! <3

  2. Lovely eye makeup look Marghe :)
    I am now following your FB page as well.
    Here's my FB page link:

    1. Hey dear shipra, I'm glad we can follow each other on FB too!! Have a great day!! kissess

  3. Luminosissimo questo make up Marghe!!! Bella l'idea di differenziare gli occhi!

    1. più che un'idea...mi escono proprio diversi!! Ma non importa, tanto nessuno ha gli occhi fatti con lo stampino, e nemmeno le sopracciglia =)
      Un abbraccio =)

  4. I think i have heard abt this brand Karaja.. loved the simple eye look and reading ur answers dear Marghe xo