Monday, March 31, 2014

Violet Fuchsia Eye MakeUp + Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Hi dear,
here my sunday make up:

I used  Medium Shopping Bag by Sephora:

MASCARA:the FULL EXPOSURE mascara by Smashbox, great product especially when something goes wrong!!!;

EYESHADOW BASE: the usual Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye Fix Primer;

EYE PENCIL: the multiplay Pupa colour 02.

That's NOT all for today!!!

I've to thank a lot my dear friend Shannel, she has tagged me and I'm so happy to answer!!!

1. Of course I have to ask, what /who inspires you to blog?

I'm very inspired by Lisa Eldridge!

2. If you have to pick only 1 favorite book what is it and why?

Il Deserto dei Tartari also known as The Tartar Steppe by Dino Buzzati, very profound work.

3. Who is your favorite movie or book character and how do you relate to her/him?

Poirot, Poirot, Poirot by Agatha Christie!!! I'm obsessed with the recent series with the wonderful trio Suchet, Fraser, Moran!

4. Who is your favorite beauty icon?

Lisa Eldridge!

5. If you are to pick a character from "how I met your mother" who would you be and why?

Ehm I've never watched this film! =)

6. If the world gets attacked by Zombies and you are to pick a beauty product as a weapon what would it be? and how does it work?

Ahaha the horrible eyepencils by Essence, they're endless and super dry, and I think they're perfect as weapons!!!

7. If you were to get into a beauty time capsule what 3 beauty products would you bring and why?

An eyeshadow palette, a primer and a mascara! For me it's important to exalt my eyes, because I wear glasses.

8. What fashion era would you like to bring to the 21st Century?

The twenties!

9. If you are to pick 3 tv/movie/book characters to date with this summer. Who would it be?

David Suchet, Hugh Fraser and Paulina Moran!!!

10. What is your greatest hurdle as a blogger?

Time and new ideas.

11. What is your favorite feel good song, movie, and quotes?

A song, well I love classical music, so I said the Messiah by Haendel makes me feel super good. Movie: Poirot, and quotes I don't know =)

12. If you are to pick a favorite Walt Disney Princess Character who would it be and why?

Oh no, I don't like Disney princesses at all!

13. What is your "must do" this summer?

Uhm, I don't know really, I've no particular project right now =)

I tag all the lovely readers of this post!!! Let me know your answers!!!



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  1. Ciao Marghe, complimenti per il premio! Te lo meriti alla grande carissima!!!
    P.S. anch'io adoro Poirot e tutti e tre gli attori che hai nominato!

    1. Grazie!! =) Sarei felicissima se partecipassi anche tu, e sarei curiosa di leggere le tue risposte =)
      Sono fissatissima con Poirot, penso che una serie migliore con attori migliori non poteva uscire! Ma secondo me anche nella realtà sono persone simpatiche! =)

    2. Grazie, sei un tesoro!
      Partecipo volentierissimo; ora mi metto al lavoro per preparare il post...

  2. wow..soo pretty dear
    grgs <3

    my recent one :Mua bb cream !!!

  3. The purple o the bottom lash line really complements the look :)

  4. That matte violet is really a passepartout, I've to use it with moderation because surely this will be the first colour that I'll finish in this palette!
    Thanks for the lovely comment,

  5. Loved yr pretty eye make up Marghe and congratulations on winning the award xoxo
    My latest post:

  6. non ho assolutamente idea di come io sia finita in un tuo post del 2014 credendo di commentare le ultime cose che avevi scritto..mah..comunque è stato molto bello leggere le tue risposte al questionario e in questo modo conoscerti meglio! mi sa che prendo alla lettera il tuo "taggo chiunque legga" e adesso mi diverto a rispondere anche io sul mio blog! lol! bacioni e buon 2017, lol!