Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year's Eve eye MakeUp with Wonder Vision Eye Set in Flash by Smashbox

This is the eye make up I'll probably wear on New Year's Eve. I used all the eyeshadows into the palette by Smashbox, the eyeset in Flash. I really like this palette, especially the grey inside. Grey is versatile and classy, not too dark like black, so more "user friendly"!!!

As you can see near the tear duct I applied PINK SHELL,
then all over the eyelid (and underneath), creating a sort of wing, SLATE. Along the socket-line I used (well blended) PLUM.
Under the eyebrows PINK SHELL and between PLUM and PINK SHELL, TAUPE.
Between PINK SHELL (near the tear duct) and TAUPE, I applied PURPLE SHIMMER.
Here the palette by Smashbox, from the Wonder Vision Eye Set in Flash:

The ingredients of this look are :

EYESHADOWS:see above;

MASCARA: the FULL EXPOSURE mascara by Smashbox, as you can see it defines very well each lash. I think it gives even some volume; 

EYESHADOW BASE: the Elizabeth Arden one;

EYE PENCIL: no eyepencil;

Thanks for staying a while... 

... happy 2014!!!

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  1. Happy new year darling! I love the glitter that you used! It looks so pretty :) I love your looks and you can see that your skill is improving!

  2. Thanks a lot dear Sylvia!
    I'm so happy to read this comment! In fact this blog is for me a sort of diary of all the eye make ups and a way to improve myself
    Changing style, colours and shapes!