Friday, May 10, 2013

Flaming Eye Make Up

Today I realized this make up:

Of course this is a look for a dinner out, or going to theatre, maybe with a simple black dress. Or maybe a day look, with a summer orange dress and a tuned necklace. This is only a question of taste. Make up has no rules!

Here the two palette I've used:
1) The Sunset palette by Sleek
2) The Sparkle 2 by Sleek 
In this make up I've used a lot of black! Firstly I applied it wet, then I re-applied the not-so-sparkly one into the Sparkle 2 palette.
Then I blended black with different tones of violet...and then I created some foolish brushstrokes in order to give the idea of flames... and in order to lighten a too much dark look!

Here the colours in detail:


EYESHADOWS:see above;

EYESHADOW BASE:the Kiko one;

MASCARA:the falsies volum'express by Maybelline;

EYE PENCIL:Multiplay 09 by Pupa (here another make up where I used this pencil);

Thanks for stopping by... Have a wondeful day and we'll see next time!!!


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  1. Hi Marghe. Hope you are having a fantastic day. Here you are again with another gorgeous creation ;) I am halfway through learning all your eye makeup ideas :) and can't wait to show them. Have a fantastice weeken! Thanks for sharing!

    hugs, kisses and smooches

    from kodi and me


    1. Hi Shannel! Thanks a lot! Today is a very full day because of the new house..!
      I'm waiting for your eye make up!
      I've to go now,
      we'll see very soon,
      have a wonderful weekend!!
      Kisses =)